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Deliver Shabbat Meals with JewBer

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Looking for socially distant volunteer opportunities this summer? Sign up to delivery Shabbat meals with team JewBer!

As the coronavirus has continued to alter our community’s ability to gather, pray and celebrate, organizations like JewBer have stepped in to support our Jewish community here in Boston. In response to demonstrated need from frontline heroes and various vulnerable segments of our community, JewBer has helped bring the joy of Shabbat and Jewish ritual to doorsteps throughout our region.

While the coronavirus has limited our ability to participate in many of our cherished communal activities, JewBer has shown that it has not stopped us from volunteering!

Each week our volunteers travel throughout the Boston area delivering Shabbat meals to the doorsteps of Jewish frontline heroes. Through their help and dedication, we have provided hundreds of meals to our hardworking essential employees since Passover.

To hear more about the experiences of our volunteers, we invite you to visit our blog, where you can watch short video testimonials from Matthew, Aria and Christine, all members of Team JewBer’s volunteer corps.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with delivering meals, spreading the word about JewBer and helping through other in-kind donations.

JewBer is a great opportunity to volunteer as a family this summer. Social distancing guidelines are easily followed, creating a safe and meaningful volunteer experience from the comfort of your car. We hope you’ll join us!

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