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Our Volunteers ROCK!!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Here at JewBer we are forever thankful for the commitment and energy of our volunteers! Since Passover, a group of about 20 volunteers have traveled throughout the Boston area delivering individual meals to the doorsteps of Jewish frontline heroes.

Each week our volunteers thank us for this opportunity. But, we want to pubicly thank them! Without them, none of the JewBer magic would be possible. In short, our volunteers ROCK!!

Below are some videos from a select few of our ALL-STAR volunteers. Click on them to see their motivations behind joining #TeamJewBer!

Matthew, a student at Tufts University

Spencer Karofsky, rising high school senior at Governor’s Academy

Aria, a student at University of Connecticut

And our amazing Christine!

If you're interested in joining #TeamJewber, please visit our Join Us tab to sign up. We are always looking for volunteers whether it be delivering meals, helping spread the word, or other in-kind donations.

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