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Coronavirus caught us all by surprise. As we took off our Purim costumes and began to prepare for Passover, it was clear that life as we knew it was about to change. In just a matter of weeks, we saw the need to act quickly and adapt to our new reality.

As Jewish organizations closed their doors, they also turned on their web cameras. But, what happens once the Zoom call ends? Do our Jewish brothers and sisters have everything they need to celebrate Jewish tradition? What if they no longer have time to prepare for holidays? And what if they are looking for a community?

Our first mission was to make sure all Jewish medical staff in the Boston area had access to Kosher food for Passover. Through collaboration with community partners, we delivered over 150 meals to tired and hungry Jewish medical professionals. Their long hours on the hospital floors limited their ability to cook for Passover, but we were there to help out.
Now we are on a mission to bring the joy of Jewish life to the doorstep of not only Jewish medical professionals but the entire Boston community. Through increased collaboration with Kosher and Israeli small businesses in the Boston-area, we are bringing communities together through a shared mission of support in these unprecedented times.

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