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The Stories we Tell

The power of JewBer lies in the stories we share. Here is one that will warm your heart as we prepare for Shabbat. Team JewBer relies on dedicated volunteers to deliver donated meals to the front doors of Jewish Medical Professionals around the Boston area. Today, one of our volunteers was Benzi Miller. But, Benzi isn't just any volunteer. Benzi is an ICU Nurse at Boston Medical Center - the heart of the Coronavirus outbreak in Boston. These past six weeks Benzi has worked overtime shift after overtime shift as he confronts Coronavirus head on. He is tired, but still fighting to give his patients the best care possible in a new medical reality. While we filled Benzi's car with food to deliver to other Jewish medical professionals like himself, he couldn't stop thanking us for this opportunity to help out. Now, from a volunteer not on the frontlines, this would be normal. But, for someone like Benzi, all we can do is smile and know that there are true heroes out there during these difficult times. Benzi brought the joy of Shabbat to his colleagues, and so can you. To join our continued efforts to support Jewish Medical Professionals in the Boston area, please visit Shabbat Shalom!

Thank you again to all of our donors and community partners Dushez Kosher Catering, BONAPITA, and The Butcherie.

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