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Meet JewBer's Leadership!

Months ago, JewBer was launched as a grassroots project of three graduate students eager to make real world impact during these unprecedented times. Each of us has dedicated considerable time to JewBer while balancing graduate school, careers, internships, and much more.

On our Our Team section of the website each have shared their favorite part of Shabbat. For this segment, we asked everyone to answer the question, "What does JewBer mean to you?" See below for our responses.

Ana Sazonov: "JewBer, to me, is an opportunity to strengthen our community and be there for the ones that need our support. To be a part of our mission brings a smile to my face. The dedication of our young volunteers gives me faith in our future generation."

Simon Luxemburg: "I think of JewBer as a broad based effort geared towards creating innovative community, building volunteer opportunities, and supporting the most needy in our community. Together we make a tremendous impact by partnering with community organizations and serving growing need throughout our region. What makes JewBer so special is our ability to innovate, adapt, and respond to continued need in a uniquely nimble fashion."

Myla Green: "For me, JewBer means getting to do more than stay at home and wear a mask when I have to go out - it's an opportunity to recognize those helping others and those in need, and connect them with Shabbat. Several of my friends who are healthcare providers use our service and it's an honor to serve them, especially hearing from them how much it means for them to feel recognized for their contributions. I love being part of a platform that helps Frontline Heroes and low-income folks, gives local Jews meaningful volunteer opportunities, and brings business to local Kosher establishments. This is exactly why I came to business school - to find a meaningful need in the Jewish community and be able to step up and help." 

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