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JewBer Expands to Low-Income Homebound Seniors

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

As JewBer's impact grows throughout the Boston area, we recognize there are many in our community who are experiencing increased food insecurity at this time. As such, JewBer is excited to formally announce that we are expanding our weekly Shabbat food donations to include low-income, homebound seniors!

Over the past few weeks, JewBer has begun these expansion efforts by delivering weekly Shabbat meals to a group of seniors in the Newton area. For this group, the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has left them homebound with limited resources. Many no longer have family in the area, and feel generally isolated from both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities.

In our efforts to expand, JewBer is looking to partner with community organizations, local synagogues, and volunteer networks to most effectively serve the elderly population. If you or someone you know is in need of a Shabbat dinner, or if you would like to help support this new segment of JewBer's mission, please email us at

Together, the JewBer platform and network will deliver hundreds of meals to elderly in Boston over the next few months.

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