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JewBer Delivers in Bulk, for FREE!

Here at #TeamJewBer we are proud to announce that we now deliver Shabbat meals in bulk for FREE!

As the Coronavirus period continues, many Jewish organizations are thinking creatively about how to engage their community members. As a new platform responding to the ongoing pandemic, JewBer is happy to help out!

For group meal orders of 15 or more, JewBer will deliver in bulk free of charge to any location within 45 minutes of Boston. This opportunity can work great for synagogues, Jewish organizations, or even young-adult groups interested in community programming and engagement during this time.

To arrange a group bulk delivery, or to think creatively about other ways JewBer can help assist you and your community, please contact us via email at

For more program ideas, see below!


Picnic in the Park!

Starting to miss your friend group's weekly Shabbat dinner? Well, JewBer would love to help out! Get your friend group together at a local park, order through our platform, and JewBer will take care of the rest! Let us know which park you are at and we will deliver your deliciously catered meals and Shabbat Kit straight to you! Shabbat can't get easier than that!

Shul Shabbat!

Looking for ways to engage your shul community during the Pandemic? What about a arranging for delicious catered meals from JewBer! JewBer will deliver the meals to your synagogue Friday afternoon and members can come pick them up at predetermined times. Then, your community can gather via Zoom for Friday night blessings and conversation! The JewBer team would be happy to help develop the online programming, assist in Zoom technology, or help think of other creative ways to resemble your community's identity through virtual platforms.

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