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JewBer by the Numbers!

As JewBer continues to grow and expand in the greater Boston area, our impact is significantly increasing! Below are some impact numbers that help tell the story of JewBer since our founding just a few months ago.

JewBer's Numbers at a glance:

355 - Meals donated and delivered to frontline heroes and eht elderly since Passover

235 - Meals purchased at cost through the JewBer platform

24 - Volunteers who help deliver the JewBer experience across the Boston area

12 - Weeks of operation in the Greater Boston area

6 - Small business partners since April

3 - Hornstein/Brandeis Graduate students looking to learn, grow, and make an impact

We are continuously thankful for the philanthropic support and community partnership we have had in just a few short months of operation. With your continued support, JewBer can continue to grow both here in Boston and beyond. To donate to JewBer, click here.

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