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A Passover to Remember

On the morning of Wednesday April 8th, I was supposed to be home in my apartment helping my roomates prepare for the first night of Pesach. We had an ambitious seder menu planned that required much more cooking to be done.

But, I found myself driving around Boston delivering the joy of Pesach to the front doors of Jewish medical professionals around the city.

Just hours prior, a Google form that had laid dormant for a near 72 hours had new-found responses from over 15 young Jewish medical professionals that needed food for the holiday. In their words, they had worked so much overtime in the two weeks prior that Passover came out of nowhere. They had little time to prepare.

Together with community partners including The Butcherie, Catering by Andrew, BONAPITA, and IAC Boston We Care, we helped deliver over 140 meals during Passover to Jewish Medical Professionals.

While the majority of meals were brought to the professionals' front doors, we did bring one special meal to the hospital so our frontline heroes could enjoy the freedom of the seder under the duress of the pandemic.

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